Mixed-Age Classes with a Twist!

As a parent of tiny humans, we don’t want to give up connecting with and contributing to the outside world. But how do we do that with a toddler in one hand or a babe in arms… or both?! Can we do it in a way that’s not only meaningful to us and to the community but to the toddler and the babe?! YES!! Music Together of Decatur classes always offer a rich musical experience-- filled with singing, dancing, instrument playing, and bonding for little ones and their grown-ups. But what makes the Generations Class extra special is that babies, toddlers, preschoolers, and their grown-ups are also able to share the music-making with a group of vibrant seniors. Everyone gets a boost from making music across the generations! Come experience it for yourself with a free “try-me” class. Choose “Schedule” below to reserve your spot.

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